How Mobile Tools Can Help Free Up Your Time

If you’re an entrepreneur, you of course know the saying “time is money”. This saying couldn’t be more true, especially when it comes to solopreneurs, side-giggers, independent service providers, etc. You are the “chief cook and bottle washers” of the business world. Taking on all… Read the whole article

How to Make Your Customers Sticky

First things first: what makes a customer “sticky”? According to the Harvard Business Review, a sticky customer is one that is likely to follow through on an intended purchase, buy the product repeatedly, and recommend it to others. You may be thinking, “easier said than… Read the whole article

Why Handwritten Bills are Costing You Money

Being an independent service provider (a.k.a. solopreneurs and side-giggers) requires you to do the majority, if not all, of the work on your own. This means advertising your services, finding new clients, completing the work, and bookkeeping. Then the best part: being paid! As you… Read the whole article