side-gigger or
service provider…

Whatever you call yourself, we created MACH1 just for you!

We love solopreneurs! You are the “chief cook and bottle washers” of the business world, and as fellow entrepreneurs, we are in awe of the power of one. Individually you may be considered small businesses, but collectively you and your part time side-gigger counterparts are over 40 million strong!

So we felt it was about time a business app was created just for you. And not just any app, but one that will help your business thrive while giving you more time to pursue the things that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

We made it a mobile app because you probably spend more time in your vehicle or at a customer’s home than in your own office. We added the ability to accept electronic payments via ACH at no cost so you can get paid faster – without having to incur expensive credit card fees.

Then we sprinkled in a slew of powerful features not typically found in an app as affordable as MACH1, and we paid extra attention to making it simple and fun to use. After all, didn’t you start your business because you wanted to experience the joy of working for yourself?

We wish you much business success!

George, John & Shawn

The Three Amigos