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How to Send Special Offers to Attract More Business

Sending special offers to both existing and potential customers is one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract more business. Even though the profit margin may be slightly smaller, special offers encourage repeat purchases from existing customers as well as attract a new set of loyal customers, which is highly beneficial in the long run. For these reasons, below we are explaining three simple methods for how to use special offers to attract more business.

Send special offers via email

One of the easiest ways you can promote your special offer is through email. Before you do anything else, make sure to promote your offer to your existing contact list. According to Business Know-How, these are the people who have already opted to engage with your business—so they’re likely to have interest. Then, encourage your contacts to tell friends about it and forward the email.

Another strategy is to send special offers in a welcome email to your new customers. The analytics and marketing blog Kissmetrics suggests offering a discount or a free trial as an incentive to subscribe. By doing so, you’ll increase immediate conversions and also increase the likelihood of your customers opening the rest of your emails.

An easy way to send special offers via email is by using the MACH1 app developed by Profit Engine. MACH1 is a mobile app that comes with a slew of powerful features, one being the ability to create and send emails to your customers that can include your logo, selfie, photos, videos, offers, or all of the above! It’s convenient for both you and your customers.

Send special offers via text message

Did you know that most small businesses say that customer retention is their top revenue-growth strategy? In order to foster customer retention, why not start the approach with a special offer to say thank you to your customers? In fact, saying thank you has been proven to uplift the mood of both you and your customers as well as increase customer loyalty.

So what is the best way to say thank you to your customers? A handwritten note? A phone call? While these options can be effective in some situations, let’s face it: most people are rarely farther than an arm’s length from their mobile phone. Therefore, a smart and simple way to send your customers a thank you is via text message. Let your customers know that you appreciate their business by including a special offer, such as a discount or a free gift, in your thank you message. Use the MACH1 app to create a unique special offer that is branded with your logo and send it to one or all of your customers through this convenient mobile app.

Send special offers on customer bills

Fact: no one likes receiving bills. Even though your customers appreciate and enjoy the services you provide them, asking people for money is not always the easiest thing to do. Instead of just throwing them the bill, why not take advantage of this situation and delight your customers by attaching a special offer to their bill?

This method of sending special offers is unique to the MACH1 app. MACH1 gives you the power to create awesome-looking, professional bills with just a few taps on your smartphone. You can add before and after photos or videos of your services to make opening a bill more enjoyable for your customers. Plus, customers can share your photos and videos on social media to attract business from an audience that you otherwise would not be able to reach.

In addition to adding a personal touch to bills through photos and videos, MACH1 enables you to attach special offers to bills. A strategic tactic is to ensure that your special offer is relatable to the service that you have already provided the customer. Let’s say that you provide dog-walking services, for example. When you send customers their bill for the dog-walking, try adding on a special offer for a service that relates to dog-walking, like grooming or boarding. Including special offers like this on the bills you send will entice add-on sales as well as generate referrals.

Since we love the idea of using special offers to attract more business, we have an offer just for you: try the MACH1 app free for 14 days to send bills, get paid, and sell more! Your free 14-day trial will allow you to create and send up to 25 bills, record and track payments owed and received, and create and send one special offer to as many customers as you’d like!